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Solution and Product Slide Pitch Deck Workbook

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Below you’ll find my high-level guidance on the solution & product slide of your pitch deck. Scroll to the bottom to jump to a different slide or download our free workbook.


The solutions slide articulates how you specifically will address the stated problem from Slide 1. Your explanation of the solution should convey the value proposition to the customer or end user: How does it address their need? How does it make their lives better?

Remember to keep the solution slide concise and focused. You’ll have the opportunity to expand on the business model, market, and other related topics later in the deck.

Note: Some startups may want to split this topic into two slides: Solution and product/service. Those may sound the same, but there are subtle differences. For example “Addressing the world’s energy crisis with fusion technology” is a stated solution. However, the product might be something like The Fusion Machine 3000. The company could pivot to a different machine or a different approach to fusion energy while still maintaining the same stated solution.

Think about whether it makes sense for your company to have separate slides for solution vs. product.

Moat Note:

Be sure to include any factors that make it hard for competitors to replicate your product or solution. Do you have patents or other intellectual property protection? Are you the only one who knows how this technology works?


  • Provide a brief and clear description of your product or service, highlighting its core features and functionalities.
  • Avoid over-complicating this slide with industry jargon and buzzwords. Write like you’re explaining the solution to a five year old.
  • Include visual aids of the product/service: Screenshots, mockups, illustrations, etc. Don’t assume that the investor will understand your product through words alone.


There you have it: My high-level advice for the solution & product slide in your pitch deck. If you’re looking for slide-by-slide guidance, jump to any section below.

Pitch Deck Guidance Glossary

Free Pitch Deck Workbook

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