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Cover Slide Pitch Deck Workbook

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Below you’ll find my high-level guidance on the cover/title slide of your pitch deck. Scroll to the bottom to jump to a different slide or download our free workbook.


Your opening slide sets the tone for the entire pitch. The goal for this slide is to communicate who you are with as few words as possible. Picture this as your Times Square billboard.

Anticipate this slide staying up for a while– It may be on screen during introductions, small talk, waiting for everyone to arrive, etc. Give the room something nice to look at.


  • Name of company/logo
  • Brand Colors
  • Who you are in 10 words or less. Communicate the customer (B2B vs. B2C) if possible. Ex. “Customer Intelligence Platform” communicates a B2B business model.
  • Two sentences max


There you have it: My high-level advice for the pitch deck title slide. If you’re looking for slide-by-slide guidance, jump to any section below.

Pitch Deck Guidance Glossary

Free Pitch Deck Workbook

We’re excited to share the release of The Founder’s Pitch Deck: a workbook-style Notion template with slide-by-slide guidance and inspiration.

Here’s what’s included:

1. A step-by-step Notion workbook guiding you through every slide of your pitch deck.

2. A built-in note-taking system to capture your ideas and inspirations.

3. An automation feature that presents you with a summary of your notes, ready for your pitch.

4. A selection of customizable Canva slide templates to create visually stunning presentations.

5. A comprehensive Notion database to keep track of your fundraising journey.

We want to get your company backed by the right people, so we’re making this resource completely free. Click here and then click "Duplicate" in the upper righthand corner.


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