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Regiz Leverages Blockchain for Digital Document Verification

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The manual processes of handling documents and cumbersome authentication procedures are becoming a thing of the past. Employers today are looking for paperless, streamlined approaches to verifying applications, documents, and other certifications applicants submit.

Currently, the time it takes for companies to manually verify and authenticate applicants is too long and requires use of resources. Regiz aims to solve these problems by making important documents acceptable and accessible for users in real time. 

“We would like everyone to see Blockchain as something that can solve problems. The gap between educating people and the technology itself is so wide that we need to bridge that gap to spur adoption. We’re trying as much as possible to create an education sector that can help us break [this technology] down beat by beat so people can understand it.” -Wahab Ogunnaike, Founder of Regiz

What is Regiz?

Regiz is a multi-step digital document creator and verification service for employees and companies. Verification and digitization of documents is a trend that is becoming more common in today’s workplace.

Companies want to be sure that the person who they hire has completed the training required, and are able to view the documents as a record through Regiz's decentralized database. Information sharing through digital ledgers increases efficiency and effectiveness relating to viewing authorized documents via Regiz. 

“Regiz is the platform to verify the authenticity of documents so companies can be sure they are employing people who have actually passed through respective training. Documents are easily accessible on the blockchain to anyone with the link or chain ID. Employers can quickly establish if an applicant from another geographical location has truly received this certification, alleviating the time and stress of manually verifying for themselves.” -Wahab Ogunnaike, Regiz Founder

Leveraging Blockchain

Through leveraging blockchain technology, Regiz allows users  to digitize documents which creates a unique chain identity through minting. This makes your documents a true digital copy which is searchable on the internet and through the Regiz platform. Through the minting process, business documents become public and permanent on the platform. Those with the transaction ID are able to trace  the document and view the nodes of document records. 

Access to the digital ledgers shows steps such as the user uploaded the document, the verification partner establishing a connection between the issuing organization and the document, and finally that the document has been confirmed by the issuing organization as being authentic. 

Once the document has been successfully uploaded to Regiz, the next step is to verify the authenticity of the document with a grade B then a grade A rating. When a user submits a document, the document automatically receives a grade B rating.

The next step is to pass through a third party who establishes a connection between the issuing organization and the document. Once it has passed through this verification process, the document receives a grade A rating and a verification badge. The third party verification partner does not have access to view the actual documents, they establish the connection and the Regiz team completes the authentication process.

Regiz Strategy

Regiz is currently working on solidifying  licensing deals to become authorized to complete this document verification for users. This is an important step for the successful implementation of the verification process because these licenses will provide a moat for Regiz. Once they have been formally accepted, the process of verification will become easier and exclusive to Regiz.

“We don’t assume that we will be able to ask a company to provide us the information on this document without special authorizations and licenses. We are offering a service that solves a tangible problem in a transparent way, so obtaining licenses and adhering to government regulations is a huge priority for us." -Wahab Ogunnaike, Regiz Founder

They plan to launch their MVP by the end of April 2023 and beta test to refine their product and identify their true product market fit. 

Regiz Funding Status

Regiz has been bootstrapped until this point, and is currently raising a pre-seed round. Funding will provide resources for licensing deals, product development, and customer acquisition. 

Advice for Fellow Founders

“It's okay to rest and take a break, but don’t quit!” -Wahab Ogunnaike, founder of Regiz

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