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Ready to Send: Streamlining Email Communication with an AI Email Assistant

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If there’s a pain point we can all relate to, it’s the overwhelming flood of emails that demand our attention and hinder productivity. Drawing from his experience working at previous startups, Brad Miller understood the need for an automated solution that could streamline email communication and free up valuable time for more impactful tasks– and the shortcomings of existing solutions.

“I found that most of these tools sound generic and impersonal, took time to generate responses, and still required a lot of mental work. Where is the automated solution that doesn’t require me to think and takes seconds to send a genuine reply?” – Brad Miller

With a background in computer science and a successful track record as a full-stack developer for various startups, Brad was no stranger to the challenges of managing a heavy email workload. His previous venture, Out of the Sandbox, developed premium themes and apps for the Shopify ecosystem, providing him with valuable insights into the ecommerce industry.

Introducing Ready to Send: The AI Email Assistant

Ready to Send is an innovative Gmail app that harnesses the power of AI technology to revolutionize the way we handle email communication. This intelligent assistant is designed to generate automated, personalized draft email responses, allowing users to send timely and thoughtful replies with just a few clicks. By leveraging AI language models, Ready to Send ensures that each response aligns with the user's unique voice and writing style.

How It Works

Once installed as a Gmail add-on, Ready to Send seamlessly integrates into the user's inbox, monitoring new and unread emails that require a response. By analyzing the content and context of each email, the AI email assistant generates a contextual draft reply within minutes. Users have the option to review, edit, and customize the generated response before sending it, ensuring that it aligns with their preferences and maintains a genuine tone.

Solving the Email Overload Problem

Ready to Send addresses the common challenge of staying on top of emails by simplifying the response drafting process. Instead of spending valuable time crafting replies from scratch, users can rely on the AI email assistant to generate complete responses that match their writing style. This automation eliminates the need for repetitive, time-consuming tasks, allowing users to focus on more important aspects of their work.

“Imagine opening your inbox to find that every important email already has a perfectly formatted, complete response waiting for your review.”

Target Customers and Revenue Model

Ready to Send caters to a wide range of professionals and businesses who rely heavily on email communication. Whether it's entrepreneurs managing customer inquiries, remote teams coordinating projects, or customer support representatives handling a high volume of requests, Ready to Send provides a valuable solution for improving efficiency and productivity.

As for the revenue model, Ready to Send offers a freemium pricing structure. Users can enjoy their first 100 draft responses for free, giving them an opportunity to experience the benefits of the AI email assistant. After the initial trial, users can select a pricing plan that best suits their email management needs.

Traction: Accomplishments and Future Goals

Since its inception, Ready to Send has made significant strides in simplifying email communication for professionals. The AI email assistant has garnered positive feedback and has been widely adopted by users seeking to streamline their inbox management. With a 5/5 rating on the Google Marketplace, Ready to Send has established itself as a trusted tool among the 1.8 billion+ Gmail users worldwide.

Looking ahead, the team behind Ready to Send aims to further enhance the capabilities of the AI email assistant. By continuously refining the language models and expanding the range of customization options, they strive to provide an even more seamless and personalized email experience for users. The ultimate goal is to empower professionals to communicate more efficiently and effectively, enabling them to achieve greater productivity and work-life balance.

Take Action: Join the Ready to Send Revolution

Ready to Send invites individuals and businesses to join their mission of simplifying email communication. By installing the Gmail app, users can unlock the power of the AI email assistant and experience the convenience of personalized draft responses. The first 100 draft responses are available for free, allowing users to explore the benefits without any initial commitment.

To get started with Ready to Send, simply visit their website and install the Gmail app. Say goodbye to the stress of crafting email responses from scratch and embrace a more efficient and productive approach to email management. Ready to Send is here to revolutionize your inbox and empower you to focus on what truly matters.

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