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Chris Payne has always had a creative mind and a passion for finding better solutions to everyday problems: The proverbial entrepreneurial spirit.

Before founding myReach, he was working in a Venture Capital firm as an analyst. There, he looked at dozens of early-stage startups every day, analyzing their performance and probability of success. He enjoyed this role, but always knew he wanted to start his own thing. Five years ago, he decided to take the leap.

Christopher's hunger for entrepreneurship took over and he began developing an idea that had been in the back of his mind for a while. What started out as just an idea became clearer when he came across a McKinsey and Company report stating that the average employee spends 23% of their time searching for information.

Things snapped into focus. Yes, knowledge management was a problem Chris himself experienced on a daily basis, but now he had proof that he wasn’t the only one. People were spending countless hours helplessly looking through folders trying to find documents and other digital information.

These hours could be spent much more efficiently if there was a better solution for the storage of information.

myReach: A personal Google

myReach is a knowledge management tool for projects, much like a "personal Google" for your things. The mobile app is designed to work like your brain: it helps you capture and connect all your ideas, memories, thoughts, research and inspiration on the go.

Can’t find an article you read last week? Tired of having 50 tabs open at once? Planning a project and things are all over the place? myReach is the all-in-one productivity tool that centralizes your information in one place. Everything from websites and articles to notes, documents, and contacts are at home within myReach.

The App is made up of organized workspaces to help you manage every aspect of your life, whether it’s work or leisure. This way, you can save and remember things without overloading your brain.

myReach keeps all your most important information at your fingertips, interconnected and easily reachable. The idea is that you never lose anything, ever again. And when you’re looking for something, you find it in seconds.

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Join thousands of users creating their second brain. myReach is looking to expand their user base. The product is live on the App Store and Google Play Store, and they're releasing new features and functionalities every week.

Register today and start benefiting from a more productive management of your knowledge.

Advice to Fellow Founders

"Launch quickly and get feedback from your users." -Chris Payne, Founder of myReach 

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