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Today's Startup Founders of the Day are Sergio Kurakou and Nick Newman, Founders of Sizze

The Sizze team consists of talented people across various competencies. CEO and Co-Founder, Nick Newman, is a UI&UX designer with 7 years of experience in building business processes. He is joined by fellow Co-Founder and CTO, Sergio Kurakou. Sergio is a talented programmer with 6 years of experience in frontend development.

After launching the product in 2021, they closed on a pre-seed round of financing in November. Since then, the team has won several awards, including:

  • Third place, Stark Expo
  • Top 10, European Startup Challenge
  • First place, Startup Village
  • Selected for a $50k equity grant, 1ST50K
  • Best Market Fit and Best Product Design, Burning Heroes Awards

Over the last 12 months, Sizze has recruited a team of 4 developers to help scale the platform. Additionally, they added Kate Tuhai at the Chief Business Development Officer role. Kate has extensive experience creating no-code platforms in large corporations.

The Sizze team puts a lot of effort into building and “polishing” the product. Customers recognize and appreciate this attention to detail. Customers praise the platform for the high quality of the product that covers their app building needs in a way that is not costly nor time-consuming.

Customers recognize and appreciate this attention to detail

Sizze: The no-code platform built for launch

Sizze is a tool to build and publish apps with exported code, enabling users to launch full-fledged apps within a week. The Sizze editor is aimed at two audiences: beginners and developers.

For the first audience, the platform provides a visual builder with multiple presets. This editor is suitable for beginners without skills due to ready-made presets that help them create an application and publish it in the marketplace.

For more advanced front-end engineers and designers, there is the ability to import projects from Figma and copy/download React Native code generated by the editor in real time. Over 15,000 freelancers and designers use their services to create thousands of mobile apps.

Other services offered are education-based trainings through Sizze Academy. Users can hone their no-code skills by “finishing the template" made by the Sizze team and taking part in "staff training for self-creation of applications." These trainings have the unique result of creating more no-code enthusiasts– and more customers for Sizze.

Over 15,000 freelancers and designers use their services to create thousands of mobile apps

Sizze supports many integrations such as Figma, Stripe, Firebase and more, making the platform attractive to current users.

How You Can Help

Try Sizze for free. All basic prototyping features for designing your app are available for free on Sizze. Once you are ready to launch your application, you can opt for the paid plan.

Advice to Fellow Founders

"Never give up and strive for the best. The rest will come sooner or later."

-The Sizze team

Congrats to Sergio and Nick, our Founders of the Day

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