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NAYA: Revolutionizing Fintech Infrastructure

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The fintech industry is experiencing tremendous growth and innovation. Companies in this space are constantly searching for ways to streamline their operations, manage their financial data effectively, and scale their businesses. A startup that has emerged as a game-changer in the fintech infrastructure space is NAYA

Led by Sherif Kozman, NAYA aims to revolutionize the way fintechs build, manage, and scale their financial operations. Through its purpose-built platform, NAYA provides a comprehensive solution for data management, reconciliation, and financial workflows. 

TL;DR - AI Meets FinOps

NAYA is revolutionizing the fintech industry by providing a purpose-built platform for fintech infrastructure. Led by Sherif Kozman, NAYA understands the pain points faced by fintechs and has developed a comprehensive solution to address them. 

Through its unified ledger system, automation tools, seamless integrations, and AI-driven insights, NAYA empowers fintechs to build, manage, and scale their financial operations efficiently.

The Mind Behind NAYA

At the helm of NAYA is Sherif Kozman, a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in the tech industry. Throughout his career, Kozman has managed and operated the delivery of technology, data, and cloud infrastructure projects for various fintechs, banks, and financial institutions. 

His extensive experience has provided him with a deep understanding of the pain points faced by these businesses, particularly in data aggregation and reconciliation across different sources.

“Gaining a holistic, real-time view of financial health is challenging due to data silos across platforms. This is why we built NAYA.”

Kozman's personal experience with the challenges of managing financial operations and reconciling data from various sources became the driving force behind the creation of NAYA. He recognized the high costs and complexities associated with solving these problems, especially as companies grow. 

This motivated him to develop a platform that would empower fintechs by simplifying their financial workflows and ensuring accurate data management.

Revolutionizing Fintech Infrastructure

NAYA's platform is designed to address the unique needs of fintechs at every stage of their growth. Whether a startup has just developed a prototype or is already in the market, NAYA offers a comprehensive solution to streamline financial operations. 

How it Works

At its core, NAYA provides a unified ledger system called LedgerPulse, which serves as a command center and source of truth for financial data. This allows fintechs to automate their ledgers, manage their chart of accounts, and simplify financial workflows tailored to their specific use cases.

One of the key challenges faced by fintechs is the reconciliation of data from various sources. NAYA solves this problem with Recon Pro, a powerful no-code rules and workflows orchestrator. 

This feature enables fintechs to automate reconciliation, identify discrepancies, and generate detailed reports. With Recon Pro, fintechs have full control over their data workflows, shaping them to drive their businesses forward.

NAYA also offers seamless integrations with common data providers, ERPs, and offline sources through its marketplace. This allows fintechs to consolidate and standardize their data, complying with their internal structures. The platform's Dataflow+ feature provides powerful ETL workflows, making data management a tool for growth rather than a chore.

The platform harnesses the power of AI and GPT to provide insightful business intelligence. By analyzing fintechs' data in real-time, NAYA's AI insights engine uncovers patterns and context, reducing risks and revealing business opportunities. Fintechs can make data-driven decisions and predict the future of their businesses.

A Goal of Disruption

NAYA is on a mission to fundamentally change how fintechs operate, from reduced costs to speeding up the “go-to-market” process. At its core, NAYA is a financial data management and reconciliation software with a purpose to aggregate, normalize, and reconcile financial operations.

  • The NAYA Vision: To become a global financial source of truth.
  • The NAYA Mission: Make financial services innovation accessible for everyone.

Through continuous innovation and a commitment to excellence, NAYA aims to empower fintechs and revolutionize the way they operate.

Optimize Your Financial Operations

If you are a fintech looking to optimize your financial operations, NAYA is the platform for you. By joining NAYA, you gain access to a comprehensive suite of tools designed specifically for fintech infrastructure needs. The platform's customizable and scalable nature ensures that it can grow alongside your business, providing the support you need at every stage.

To get started with NAYA, simply visit their website at naya.finance and join the waitlist. By joining the waitlist, you will be among the first to experience the future of fintech infrastructure. 

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