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GoZigzag.com: Empowering Startups to Build the Future

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Starting a startup can be a daunting task, but with the right guidance and support, entrepreneurs can navigate the entrepreneurial journey with confidence. GoZigzag.com is on a mission to jumpstart founders with an AI-powered startup business validation copilot.

Meet the Team

GoZigzag.com is the brainchild of Zigzag cofounders, Scott Ford and Sami Abou Saab. Scott has a robust background in operations, strategy, and leadership. His experience in nurturing early-stage companies and accelerating their growth from a modest scale to a thriving enterprise shines through in his role at GoZigzag.com.

Sami Abou Saab, a serial entrepreneur and accelerator builder, brings to the table his passion for product building and strategy. His experience of running an accelerator program in Beirut and investing in over 40 companies has honed his skills in working with startups.

The Origin Story

Initially conceived as a tool to assist their investment fund in evaluating early-stage companies, GoZigzag.com quickly gained traction among potential investors. Combined with Scott’s prior role as COO at Techstars where he worked with researchers from Harvard and MIT to test a model for selecting startups, they recognized the unique advantage they had created. Their focus shifted from the investment fund to building GoZigzag.com as a software company, with the aim of helping startups validate their ideas and navigate the challenging early stages of their journey.

The GoZigzag.com Difference

GoZigzag.com is revolutionizing the startup validation process by combining the power of human creativity with the precision of AI. Their collaborative AI platform is designed to guide entrepreneurs through each step of their startup idea validation journey. By leveraging proven startup frameworks, GoZigzag.com helps founders diverge, converge, and ultimately succeed.

Addressing the Pain Points of Startups

Startups often face numerous challenges, from validating their ideas to securing funding and connecting with mentors and investors. GoZigzag.com aims to address these pain points by providing a comprehensive suite of tools and resources. Through rapid validation experiments like landing pages and customer interviews, founders can accelerate their validation process. Additionally, GoZigzag.com facilitates connections with mentors, investors, perks, and service providers, enabling startups to access the support they need to thrive.

“It is mind-blowingly amazing and as someone who has multiple start-up ideas every week, it is an incredible way to brainstorm, flesh out, validate new ideas etc. This is one example of the ways that I believe ai powered tools can be incredibly useful and positive for the world.” – A happy GoZigzag.com customer

Targeting the Startup Community

GoZigzag.com’s target audience is the vibrant and diverse startup community. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur with a groundbreaking idea, an economic development leader supporting founders, university faculty members training the next generator of entrepreneurs, or a corporate innovator seeking to develop innovative products, GoZigzag.com has something to offer. Their straightforward approach, powered by AI tools and industry practice startup methodologies, expedites the startup validation journey and empowers entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life.

The Revenue Model

GoZigzag.com’s revenue model will be based on offering different pricing plans tailored to startups of all sizes. The free “Hustler” offering allows you to validate two startup ideas and provides invaluable resources such as an enhanced lean canvas, elevator pitch, and validation experiments.

Soon, they will launch their “Founder” tier, which builds upon the free plan by letting you validate up to five startup ideas. In addition to the Hustler tier resources, the Founder plan will help you with market sizing, competitive analysis, team-fit assessment, regulatory assessment, and connections with mentors..

Validate Your Next Idea With GoZigzag.com

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur, economic development organization, university faculty member, or a corporate innovator? Do you have a startup idea that needs validation and support? Try Zigzag for free or sign up for the waitlist to be the first to know when their “Founder” tier launches.

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