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Unlock Web Accessibility with Rocket Validator: A Game-Changer for Developers

The Visionaries Behind Rocket Validator

At the heart of Rocket Validator are the dynamic duo of Jaime Iniesta and Almudena Garcia, founders of Lighthouses SCP, a small yet pioneering tech company based in Spain. Jaime, a seasoned backend developer with a rich background in Ruby on Rails and Elixir / Phoenix, brings his expertise to the backend operations. Almudena, with her robust experience in Ruby on Rails and a specialization in frontend development, complements Jaime perfectly, ensuring a seamless user experience.

About Rocket Validator

Rocket Validator emerged from a simple need: to expedite the HTML validation process that was painfully slow and manual. Initially devised as a Ruby script to batch-validate web pages, it has evolved into a robust SaaS solution, making it simpler and faster for developers to ensure their websites meet the highest standards of accessibility and code correctness. Since its rebranding in November 2016, Rocket Validator has been dedicated to empowering developers by automating the daunting task of web validation.

How It Works

Using Rocket Validator is as straightforward as it gets. Developers just need to submit the URL of their website, and Rocket Validator swiftly scans up to 5,000 web pages per report. It checks for HTML, CSS, and accessibility issues using the W3C Validator and Axe Core, respectively. Detailed reports pinpoint problems on each page, and summary reports highlight common issues, providing actionable insights with guides for fixes. Advanced features like scheduling, deploy hooks, muting options, device viewport emulation, guest accounts, and API integration cater to the diverse needs of the developer community.

Solving the Customer Support Problem

Customer support is a cornerstone of Rocket Validator's approach. We understand the intricacies involved in web development and strive to provide our users with an intuitive and hassle-free experience. By automating validations and offering detailed guides for resolving issues, we reduce the time developers spend troubleshooting, thereby minimizing the need for direct support and enhancing user satisfaction.

Target Customer

Rocket Validator serves a diverse clientele, including freelancers, web development agencies, and public agencies. Our tool is indispensable for anyone committed to maintaining high-quality, accessible websites. Whether you're a solo developer or part of a large agency, Rocket Validator streamlines your workflow and ensures your site complies with the latest web standards.

Monetization Strategy

Our business model focuses on providing immediate value to paying customers from day one. By steering clear of the freemium model, we attract serious clients who are committed to leveraging our tool to its fullest potential. Our pricing structure is designed to be accessible while ensuring quality engagement with our services.

Call to Action

Interested in seeing how Rocket Validator can transform your web development workflow? Head over to Rocket Validator and try our free demo, which includes HTML validation. Ready for the full experience? Take advantage of our Pro Trial for just $7, granting you a week of comprehensive functionality. Vote for us as Startup of the Day on StartupStage, and join our community of developers making the web more accessible, one page at a time.

Join us in redefining digital accessibility and ensuring a seamless, compliant web presence for developers around the globe with Rocket Validator.

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