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Since founding in 2020, Baton has scaled from $0 to $40,000 MRR and shows no sign of stopping. Their goal is to hit 2 million dollars in revenue by December of 2023.

Baton assists clients in executive roles by offering fractional work such as completing projects, acting as a consultant and advisor, and providing tangible strategies and pathways to achieve company goals.

They pride themselves by offering tailored service on an individual level, professional outputs, and profitable returns by adhering to the philosophy “Keep people happy, there’s nothing more important than the success of the customers you already have”. 

What is Baton?

Baton offers operational solutions for fractional executives. Those in fractional leadership positions leverage the Baton team without having to spend valuable time and money to hire employees. When working one on one with CIOs, CFOs, and COOs, Baton tailors offerings to create repeatable models and templates that businesses can capitalize on and use in the future.

“Baton brings in the right rituals to help customers make the best strategic decisions and get their engineering products up and running” stated Max in an interview with Startup Founder Daily. Max continued “It’s about how can [Baton] craft the right offer that solves clients’ pain points while having healthy margins to deliver.”

The problem is that “companies with a few million dollars in revenue don't have the operational talent in place to execute profitable strategies. In order to solve this problem, I spent a vast amount of time building out a team that is able to deliver on what fractional executives need” stated Max. 

Baton’s Strategy

Baton works directly with customers to design a strategy and implement decisions based on their needs.

“Every firm is going to be different with what their needs are. Baton lists best practices and assembles the labor. It’s an interesting space and we talk with at least 15 fractional executives a week to determine what their true needs are.” -Max Weisbrod, Founder of Baton

Baton is currently offering paid pilots to establish product market fit through interviews with clients. Through these interviews, Baton has gained insights into how fractional executives spend their time, what tasks they need to complete personally, and what tasks they need to hand off (enter in Baton).

A few tips for founders from Max is that when offering a pilot, always make it paid.

"When customers are paying for services, there is more buy-in and they take it seriously. Also, set a specific time duration for the pilot with a clear start and finish."

Advice for Fellow Founders

“To be a founder in the seed and pre-seed stage is incredibly difficult. If you give up on the things you believe are true about your market and start listening to the people you’re talking to [in the market]- you’ll start to see signs of life” - Max Weisbrod, Baton Founder

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