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Focal Point: Procurement for the Digital Age

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Introducing Focal Point– a single solution for procurement decision intelligence, data analytics and process automation. The visionary behind the enterprise is Anders Lillevik, a seasoned professional with over two decades of experience as a Chief Procurement Officer (CPO). 

Lillevik, gripped by the challenges faced by procurement teams, saw an opportunity to leverage technology to streamline workflows and mitigate process inefficiencies. Frustrated by the lack of visibility and the cumbersome manual processes, he envisioned a platform that would empower procurement professionals to realize their full potential.

Lillevik's vision was to create a platform that would not only expedite procurement processes but also contribute towards strategic and non-monetary benefits for organizations. The ultimate goal? To get procurement professionals the recognition they truly deserve.

Diverse Talent Coming Together

The Focal Point team is a melting pot of diverse talent, with each member bringing unique expertise to the table. This multifaceted team, with members scattered across Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Ukraine, and the Philippines, is united by a single goal – transforming the landscape of procurement. Despite geographical boundaries, the team prioritizes regular communication, fostering a strong culture of collaboration.

The Focal Point: A Closer Look

Focal Point is an end-to-end procurement management platform that empowers CPOs to modernize and optimize their operations. The platform seamlessly integrates with existing procurement infrastructure, ensuring maximum return on investment.

The platform's innovative Frames system eradicates data silos and eliminates manual tasks by integrating data and managing processes within highly-configurable, collaborative spaces. Its automated, customizable tools enhance agility and visibility, fostering a culture of transparency and productivity.

Focal Point redefines procurement for all stakeholders, providing an intuitive interface, extensive automation, and a mobile-friendly design for ease of use.

Empowering Clients to Achieve More

Focal Point is client-centric, focusing on meeting the needs of the people who use the platform. It offers a stress-free implementation process, working closely with clients to understand their processes and needs.

“It is our goal to help procurement pros step into the future - where orchestration tools allow them to plan work more effectively, leading not only to savings, but strategic and non-monetary benefits for their organization as well - all while getting the recognition they deserve.” Anders Lillevik

The platform is also highly configurable, allowing clients to tailor their workspace according to their company goals and KPIs. With a no-code, low maintenance design, Focal Point offers a streamlined view-to-do platform.

A Proven Track Record

Since its inception, Focal Point has made significant strides in the industry. It has delivered impressive cost savings and efficiency gains for its clients, reducing manual processes and boosting productivity. Clients report fewer emails per project and easy, live reporting on all aspects of their procurement functions.

Committed to Continuous Support

Focal Point’s hands-on approach doesn't stop at implementation. Its team of procurement experts provides ongoing support for clients, ensuring smooth adoption and high usage. The platform's hyper-care approach ensures that clients receive the help they need when they need it.

Role-Specific Benefits

Focal Point offers unique benefits for each role within an organization. For executive management, it enhances visibility into procurement, fostering agility across the enterprise. For CPOs, it offers line-of-sight across functions and proactive planning capabilities.

Category Managers can plan and execute their work more efficiently, while finance professionals gain financial benefits visibility at stakeholder, category, and supplier levels. The platform also helps IT Operations secure compliance with IT policies and strategies while simplifying integrations.

Call to Action

If you're ready to step into the future of procurement, explore how Focal Point can transform your organization's processes. Visit their website to learn more or request a demo. The Focal Point team is always ready to chat and help you unlock your procurement potential.

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