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Entrepreneurs face numerous challenges when it comes to identifying and engaging their target audience. This is where Founders Owl swoops in to offer its expertise. Founded by Jordan Moloney, a finance industry veteran with over 12 years of experience, Founders Owl is a consultancy service that helps founders unlock the potential of their businesses by identifying their customers and developing effective marketing and feature development plans. 

Unveiling the Vision

Behind every successful startup lies a visionary founder, and Jordan Moloney is no exception. With a diverse background in the finance industry, Jordan possesses a unique skill set that spans customer persona creation, strategy development, and marketing and sales process design. The idea of Founders Owl emerged as Jordan recognized the need to leverage his expertise to assist indie devs and founders in finding their niche customers.

“My love for thinking and doing is the origin of Founders Owl.” – Jordan Moloney

A Journey of Learning and Empowerment

Jordan's journey to establishing Founders Owl took an unexpected turn when he stumbled upon a tweet from a fellow founder struggling with a broad target audience. Intrigued by the opportunity to help, Jordan reached out and offered his assistance in identifying customers and designing a targeted marketing plan. 

This initial interaction sparked the idea of creating a service focused on customer identification and engagement. Eager to validate his concept, Jordan offered his services at a low price point, setting the stage for the birth of Founders Owl.

“No sales for 24 hours. Doubt set in. Then suddenly, someone with a decent sized following bought my service. I shared the screenshot on my feed, delighted! An avalanche of 15 more sales came in. So I raised prices and just started executing.” – Jordan Moloney

He credits much of his early success to the low initial price point. He was willing to accept the uneven split of time spent versus low revenue, because the benefits of product validation, exposure, and iteration of his service were more valuable.

Illuminating the Founders Owl Approach

Founders Owl aims to alleviate the challenges faced by founders in understanding their target audience and crafting effective marketing and sales strategies. The core offering revolves around three key pillars:

  • Customer Persona Design: Founders Owl employs its expertise to identify 1-3 target audiences through meticulous customer persona analysis. By understanding the likes, dislikes, needs, priorities, and pain points of these personas, founders gain valuable insights to shape their business strategies.

  • Tailored Marketing Plans: Armed with a deep understanding of their target audiences, founders collaborate with Founders Owl to develop tailored marketing plans that resonate with their customers. These plans encompass effective messaging, positioning, and customer acquisition strategies to drive growth.

  • Feature Development for Success: Founders Owl goes beyond marketing by assisting founders in crafting product or service offerings tailored to the needs of their newly identified target audiences. By aligning their offerings with emerging market trends and customer preferences, founders can create a compelling value proposition that drives customer engagement and loyalty.

Catering to Diverse Needs: Starter and Grow Packages

To cater to the varying needs of founders, Founders Owl offers two distinct service packages:

  • Starter Package: Designed for founders seeking guidance in finding and winning their first customers, this package includes in-depth customer persona analysis, a tailored marketing plan, and assistance in designing product or service offerings that align with customer needs and market trends.

  • Grow Package: Geared towards founders looking to expand their business to new markets or develop new product lines, this package encompasses all the services offered in the Starter Package, with additional benefits such as process redesign and improvement suggestions, business case creation for investor confidence, implementation plans, and curated potential lead lists.

Soaring Towards Success

As Founders Owl continues to grow, Jordan remains committed to sharing his wins, failures, and best practices with the startup community. Through ongoing execution and the expansion of service offerings to address emerging challenges, Founders Owl aims to empower founders with the clarity and confidence needed to navigate the complex world of customer identification and engagement. With each project, Founders Owl strives to transform confusion into ambition, enabling founders to unlock their full potential.

Join the Founders Owl Revolution

If you are interested in learning more about Jordan’s offerings, DM him on Twitter/X to discuss your needs. 

Find out more about Founders Owl at foundersowl.com.

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