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Solo founder, Robin, Singhvi, has 12 years of experience working at various startups in the US in enterprise sales. A goal in sales is to close deals faster, but a problem Robin witnessed was that the outcomes were underwhelming since sales reps inevitably reverted back to showing the same, stale, one-size-fits-all demo and slidedeck to customers. Quarter after quarter the same question of “Why are deals not converting as fast as we hope?” arose. Cue in SmartCue!

What is SmartCue?

SmartCue helps go-to-market teams create & distribute self-serve, interactive demos of their products that can help them improve the quality of their MQLs. They help marketers improve the quality of their leads by eliminating the friction for their buyers to experience their products right at the beginning of the buyer's journey thereby shortening the sales motion and ultimately, increasing revenue.

With SmartCue, teams don’t need to think about long deployment and training; they can set up SmartCue in as little as a 45 minute Zoom call! The risks are extremely low and SmartCue enables teams to function with agility, making the sales process more efficient and effective. 

SmartCue tracks important insights that aid in improving the lead-to-customer ratio. Information such as how long did the prospect spend on your demo, where did they drop off and nudging the prospect to contact the sales rep at the right time is available within the dashboard. 

Visual and textual cues guide the prospects on a logical path to help them get to the Aha moment of your product quickly. This ensures that the prospect makes the correlation between their problem statement and how your problem solves it even before they speak to a sales rep. Once they do that and speak with the rep, the job of the sales team is no longer discovery; rather it is only filling in the blanks for the prospects. This results in faster deal closures because the buyer has self-qualified themselves before coming into your sales funnel! 

Cue the Validation

SmartCue officially launched in September of 2022 and already has double-digit customer engagement. 30+ companies such as Dario Health (NASDAQ: DRIO), VirginPulse, IP.com, Creditsafe etc. are already using and loving the product. Such is the customer love that SmartCue now has a dedicated Testimonials page on their website.

“The love and loyalty from our userbase is super encouraging. With the validation from big names like VirginPulse and Dario Health, I think we’re at PMF. The next step is to scale our GTM efforts and get in front of as many prospects as possible." – Robin Singhvi

How You Can Help:

Try out the product for free (2 week trial!), provide feedback to Robin and the SmartCue team. If you like the product, a review on G2 or Google goes a long way in helping them scale and further establish credibility.

For your efforts, when you signup, SmartCue has lucrative referral program where you can earn real money for your support. Simply click on the little gift box when you login for your unique URL and share that with your network. When they convert to a paid user, you’ll get 30% of their subscription price and they’ll get a 30% discount! Win-win-win right?

Advice to Fellow Founders

“[Founders] need to have patience because it looks glamorous when you read about outliers in the news, but in reality, it's a grind. The only way you’re going to come out on the other side is keep at it, follow the process, and stay patient.” – Robin Singhvi

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