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Decidable: Your 'Easy Button' For Data Driven Decisions

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In today's digital age, data is king. With an abundance of metrics and figures available thanks to big data, businesses have the ability to make strategic decisions based on measurable numbers. 

However, managing and analyzing these vast data sets can be daunting, which is where Decidable comes in. 

Decidable's founders, Mike Bugembe and Craig Smith, have over twenty-five years of experience in AI analytics, digital ecommerce, marketing, branding and creative services. The proprietary story engine has been built using years of behavioral economics, analytics, natural language generation, insight delivery, and storytelling expertise. The platform saves data analysts time, allowing them to quickly derive insights and make changes based on measurable and validated metrics and numbers. 

“We’ve seen the challenge around the adoption of insights and the wastefulness around business intelligence solutions. The fact is, if you aren’t highly data literate or data technical, then actually extracting value and useful insights from data is very difficult.” – Craig Smith, Decidable Co-Founder 

What is Decidable?

Decidable is an AI-powered natural language story engine that takes the complexity out of data analysis by translating Google Analytics data into easy-to-understand data stories (in minutes, not days!) for Revenue, Acquisition, Engagement and Conversion that focuses directly on missed revenue opportunities and website issues. 

The problem Decidable solves is that businesses are often looking at the wrong things to measure, they don’t know why they are measuring certain things, and then once they have numbers they don’t know how to interpret the results and create actions. 

By providing automatically generated insights in plain English, businesses can quickly and efficiently understand what's happening in their operations and where to focus efforts to drive growth. With Decidable's visualization abilities, businesses can make informed decisions based on data, without the need for complex graphs or charts. 

“We have built Decidable because business intelligence, as it stands today, is simply not serving the needs of everyone in every business and it should. The output is mostly too technical, too dry, contextually irrelevant and still requires interpretation so over 85% of the business users just don't use the insights. Currently, there are massive levels of financial waste and terrible levels of data adoption. We want all businesses to be able to see what's happening in their data, why it's happening, what to focus their efforts on and to grow their revenues.”

Say goodbye to dry statistics, and hello to “narratives that have support visuals that are engaging and contextually relevant to the audience. This enables business leaders to care about the insights and create conversation around how to drive business using data” stated Craig in an interview with StartupStage.

Decidable’s Strategy

The first version of the platform was designed to provide a means for data analysts to turn their data into engaging stories and actionable bullet points.

After conducting numerous interviews with data analysts, Mike and Craig gained key insights into the needs of data analysts and what business leaders require in order to make informed decisions. They also discovered that many respondents realized how inefficient current data processes are. Some data analysts may fear job displacement, but the Decidable platform is designed to be a partner that enhances their abilities and allows for more efficient and effective data analysis.

Additionally, the platform saves data analysts time, allowing them to quickly derive insights and make changes based on measurable and validated metrics and numbers. 

Decidable’s proprietary technology and platform are unique in the marketplace, with the storytelling narrative being a true differentiator that businesses find valuable. 

Goals for FY23 include customer acquisition through sales outreach, networking, word of mouth, and the addition of new features based upon early customer feedback. New features include the ability to connect to data sources such as Web analytics (Shopify), Customer data, Transactional data, Social Media analytics, Market Research, Email Marketing, Product data, Advertising data, Inventory management, and Survey data. 

Decidable’s Funding Status

Decidable is currently considering a Series A round. The funding will go towards growing a solid foundation of customers in the UK (Don’t worry, US friends, Decidable plans to expand globally at a later time) refining the product even more, and clearly defining their roadmap. If you’re interested in joining the round, reach out to Craig or Mike via LInkedIn.

Advice for Fellow Founders

“Make sure you establish product / market fit right off the bat and then only build an MVP. Launch a basic website with a strong CTA with a form for registration of interest and then invite those potential customers into Alpha then Beta before finessing the initial product. Only build and launch what is absolutely necessary and develop your GTM on that basis. Everything else can follow on from these early learnings.” – Craig Smith, Co-Founder of Decidable

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