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Anthym's Musical Approach to Strengthening Remote Teams

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In the modern world of work, the rise in remote teams has posed new challenges for leaders. One significant hurdle is creating an authentic sense of connection and engagement among team members who may be scattered across various locations. To address this issue, anthym has emerged, offering unique engagement activities for remote teams by leveraging the universal language of music.

The Origin Story

Anthym was founded by Brian Mohr and Jeremy Gocke. They initially crossed paths in an Entrepreneur's Organization (EO) Forum in 2017. Their shared experiences and perspectives on the difficulties of building and scaling cohesive, high-performing teams ignited the spark that would eventually become anthym.

Brian, an HR leader with more than 15 years of experience in Human Capital, had previously scaled an HCM venture to $40M ARR and raised venture capital. Jeremy was a four-time tech startup product builder who had also previously raised venture capital and enjoyed successful exits. Their combined expertise laid a strong foundation for anthym.

The Birth of Anthym

Their shared insights and frustrations about team building and scaling led to the birth of anthym. They launched before the pandemic but had to adjust their strategy as the world moved to a virtual work environment. The timing couldn't have been more perfect for this new focus. The pandemic highlighted the need for stronger connections and engagement activities for remote teams, and anthym was already in the perfect position to address these needs.

“The closer you feel with your team, the better the work product or the work outcome is.” – Brian Mohr

About Anthym: Building Connections through Music

Anthym offers a unique solution to the disconnection often experienced by remote teams. By leveraging the power of music and other cultural touchpoints, anthym facilitates a deeper understanding among team members. They help team members to share parts of their life stories, inspirations, and memories.

“[It’s] a very human ‘get to know you.’ This leads to better business & learning outcomes, increased retention, and better overall wellness.”

The Target Audience

Anthym is designed for team leaders, managers, and organizations that prioritize building a strong, connected, and cohesive team, irrespective of geographic location. Companies like Google, Zillow, and Starbucks have already benefited from anthym's unique approach.

Revenue Model

Initially, anthym began as a workshop experience, which, over time, evolved into a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. They offer a library of pre-made, themed connection experiences for team leaders to deploy to their teams.

Anthym's Achievements and Future Goals

Since its inception, anthym has made significant strides. They completed the Techstars program in April 2023, which exposed them to an incredible network of mentors and investors. This journey fortified anthym's foundation and accelerated their growth.

Future Aspirations

Anthym's future aspirations revolve around enhancing their SaaS model and expanding their library of themed connection experiences. They aim to continue fostering deep connections within remote teams, improving productivity, job satisfaction, and employee retention.

Call to Action

Anthym invites team leaders and managers to experience their innovative approach to team connection. Those interested can visit their website to book a demo. This unique engagement activity for remote teams is a must-try for any organization striving to forge stronger bonds among their team members.

How Readers Can Help

Readers can assist anthym by spreading the word about their unique approach to fostering team connection. By sharing their experience with anthym within their professional networks, they can help more teams benefit from this innovative solution.

If you're in search of collaboration tools for remote teams, be sure to give anthym a try. It could be the missing note in the symphony of your team's harmony! Their innovative use of music as a tool for connection and engagement sets them apart in their field.

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