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Fresh Discounts on Apps for Our StartupStage Launch Members!

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Fresh Discounts on Apps for Our StartupStage Launch Members! 

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GitLab provides a comprehensive suite for software development featuring code collaboration, CI/CD, and project management tools.

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Lightster connects you with your target audience for interviews, product testing, and feedback, enhancing market insight and product development.

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Klap offers a streamlined social media video creation approach with easy-to-use features for impactful visual storytelling.

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OpeninApp revolutionizes mobile browsing by seamlessly integrating apps and services for an improved user experience and productivity.

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Connect with global suppliers easily using Spocket, a dropshipping platform designed to simplify starting and managing your online store.

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SocialPilot simplifies social media management with scheduling tools, content curation, and analytics, perfect for growing your online digital presence

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Enhance your recruitment process with Sourcer, an AI-driven tool that streamlines talent acquisition and optimizes candidate sourcing efficiency.

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Wing Assistant

Wing Assistant provides virtual assistance services that optimize scheduling, administrative tasks, and customer support for business professionals.

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VisualSitemaps helps generate visual and interactive sitemaps, aiding website development and design planning for better navigation structures.

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Capté (Featured on StartupStage)

Transform your audio in subtitles effortlessly with Capté, an efficient tool designed for accessibility and ease of content creation.

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Plane offers modern payroll and HR solutions tailored specifically for startups, streamlining administration with innovative, user-friendly tools.

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