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This week, we are featuring AskCory.AI. If you remember, they ran away with your votes and garnered your attention in our voting cohort two weeks ago. We sat down with Founder Vitor Soares, who shared his inspirations, experiences, and what led to the birth of AskCory.AI.

💡 About Vitor’s background and how he developed the idea?

Vitor Soares has always been passionate about entrepreneurship. Having launched multiple ventures, he's experienced failures and successes, teachable lessons that offered invaluable refined his business approach. In 2021, while at his startup studio, “Build Up Labs,” he began Bullseye Framework to identify the best customer acquisition channels for their diverse portfolio. leveraging the 

Recognizing the transformative potential of an AI-driven approach, he created a tool that could streamline go-to-market strategies. The result was so powerful that they shared it with the world! This led to the birth of AskCory.AI, designed to democratize the strategic insights of the Bullseye Framework through the power of AI.

🥼 More about Build Up Labs.

Build Up Labs, a startup studio based in Lisbon, lives by the motto "learn fast, kill fast." Our approach is to ideate, launch, and iterate quickly to achieve successful exits. Vitor initially joined the studio as CEO of one of their portfolio companies, which was successfully exited last year. Today, he serves as the “Entrepreneur in Residence”. The Build Up Labs team comprises a dynamic duo: João Pereira as the CTO and our visionary CEO, Rui Gouveia. Together, they are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation and creating impactful solutions.

🤔 What problem does AskCory.AI solve? 

AskCory.AI is revolutionizing how marketers tackle their biggest challenges. Their AI-driven platform delivers strategic marketing tactics, action plans, and content materials in minutes. This efficiency empowers marketers, from startups to SMEs, to reclaim up to 80% of their time. Designed for busy professionals, AskCory.AI provides personalized strategies enriched by robust data insights, ensuring each marketing move is both strategic and impactful.

🛞💨AskCory.AI has already gained quite an audience; see their Metrics below:
  • +500 users registered 

  • +1k projects created 

  • +5k marketing tactics generated 

  • +500 marketing guides generated 

  • +250 assets (blog posts, social media posts, etc) generated 

  • +12k messages exchanged between users and our assistant

How can our readers learn more? 

Visit their website at AskCory.AI to start your free trial—no credit card required. Explore firsthand how our tool can revolutionize your marketing efforts. For personalized plans or further inquiries, email us at hello@askcory.AI or connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter. We share your experiences with AskCory.AI to help us enhance our services and reach even more professionals seeking to encourage you to share your feedback and effective marketing solutions.

One of the most valuable lessons I've learned as an entrepreneur is the power of a strong support network. Surrounding yourself with talented, passionate people who believe in your vision makes all the difference. A huge shoutout to the incredible team at Build Up Labs and the inspiring startup and indie hacker community for their unwavering encouragement and collaborative spirit.

Vítor Soares
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